• Going Mobile…

    Effective April 21, 2015, websites that are not mobile-friendly (able to be easily viewed on smartphones and tablets) will be penalized in the search engine rankings by Google. And as we all know, as Google goes, so goes the world. If you don’t know if your site is mobile-friendly, here’s a convenient place to check […]

    Going Mobile…
  • SEO Experts

    A client called me to ask about an offer he got from a company that specializes in search engine optimization (SEO) and wanted to ask if he should take the offer. He forwarded me the promises that the SEO company was making so I could see what they said they could do. The sales pitch […]

    SEO Experts
  • Focus on what you do best

    A prospective client called me recently to discuss his need for a web site. As we talked, it came out that he was working on a painting that he wanted as his front page on the site. The site was not one to advertise his painting…it was to promote a book he was writing! And […]

    Focus on what you do best
  • The Little Stuff Adds Up

    Once upon a time you could build a website in HTML and leave it there. People would come to visit and get information, and that’s all you expected. But the Web has evolved into a place where websites almost take on intelligent life. At least that’s how it feels to me as a web developer. […]

    The Little Stuff Adds Up